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Scott Greenberg, M.D., discusses the use of Prolotherapy for patients with chronic knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hand pain on Channel 10 news in Philadelphia.

Dr. Magaziner discusses Breast Cancer Research. He explains research that questions long-held breast treatment options.

Dr. Allan Magaziner from the Magaziner Center For Wellness talks about developments involving ibuprofen, tinnitus and new studies found sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your health.

Dr. Allan Magaziner a nutritional specialist discusses foods for weight loss, lowering cholesterol, Bone Density, Blood Pressure.


is known among patients and colleagues as a compassionate physician with a keen interest in treating chronic diseases and immune disorders with natural, nontoxic techniques that keep the whole body in balance.

specializes in holistic and comprehensive approaches to sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics, chronic pain, arthritis, and post-concussion syndrome.


The Magaziner Center for Wellness has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading complementary and alternative medical centers for more nearly 30 years. In addition to helping you maintain optimum health through diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices…

Dr. Greenberg discusses the use of Prolotherapy, a non-surgical alternative to treat osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain, back pain, and sport injuries.


Dr. Allan Magaziner and Dr. Scott Greenberg were named Top Physicians by South Jersey Magazine


“I feel stronger and clearer; I’m taking care of my body and brain-the foundation for a lively, healthy, youthful second half of my life.”

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