Erectile Dysfunction

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Suffering from erectile dysfunction? You are not alone. Erectile dysfunction affects an estimated 18 million men in the US. At the Magaziner Center for Wellness we treat erectile dysfunction by treating the root causes. Oftentimes, erectile dysfunction stems from multiple issues and our doctors will provide a comprehensive treatment customized to each patient. As a result, our patients experience excellent clinical outcomes and fewer side effects. In short, our treatments work in concert with the body rather than attempting to battle it. Just think of us as an ally to your body. Just think of us as an ally to your body.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?
Erectile dysfunction, or ED, which can effect men as young as 30, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection, preventing sexual intercourse by interfering with insertion and/or the ability to achieve orgasm. It is common for men to have trouble getting or maintaining an erection at some point in their lives. This can be due to a mental or emotional cause, such as stress or problems in a relationship. However, if it comes on slowly and continues getting worse over time, it may be caused by a medical condition, and would therefore be considered erectile dysfunction.

There are many different medical conditions and illnesses that can cause ED. If blood flow is diminished or disrupted, it can affect the reproductive system. Common causes of ED include:

The main symptom of ED is the inability to get or maintain an erection. It is normal for this to happen occasionally and most men will experience this at some point in their lives. However, if it comes on slowly and consistently gets worse, there is most likely a medical cause that requires treatment.

Traditionally, ED is treated with medication, such as Viagra or Cialis. Common side effects of these medications include upset stomach and indigestion, nausea, muscular pain, back pain, sinus congestion, headache, abnormal vision, circular disruption and more. Recent studies have shown that there is an overall failure rate of 20% for these types of treatments, and a 40% failure rate for those who have had a radical prostatectomy and those with diabetes mellitus.

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, we treat erectile dysfunction naturally, by addressing the cause of the problem. Dr. Scott Greenberg is heavily involved in current research in this field, and makes use of the latest advancements in treatment. Using methods such as stem cell therapy and herbal therapies, we aim to increase strength and longevity of erections, improve sensitivity, and reduce or eliminate the need for medications like Viagra, Cialis and Stendra, resulting in improved quality of life and relationships.

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