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For nearly 30 years, we have exceeded the expectations of our patients by offering the kind of care that they have been seeking. We have successfully treated thousands of people, suffering from everything from cancer to orthopedic injury. Using natural and non-toxic techniques we work tirelessly to both prevent and reverse illness. Read below and see what people are saying!

* He gave me my physical life back
“I have to tell you that after failed stenosis back surgery, Dr Greenberg using Prolotherapy, solved all the pain including strong sciatica pain. I now can do all the l activities I love, golf, snow skiing and windsurfing. He gave me my physical life back.”

* I would have been lost without the help of Dr. Greenberg & staff
“This is an awesome place with lots of knowledge, I would have been lost without the help of Dr. Greenberg & staff. I feel a whole lot better. This is definitely a worthwhile stop for health issues. Everyone is very friendly & polite.”

* He has helped improve my quality of life.
“Dr. Magaziner is very much in touch with the concerns and issues of women in the perimenopausal and menopausal years. He makes one feel like they can discuss any topic and that he has all the time in the world for them. He has helped improve my quality of life.”

* I no longer require a knee replacement surgery
“I found Dr. Greenberg to be very knowledgeable, competent and compassionate. I no longer require a knee replacement surgery because of the stem cell procedure he performed on me. I would recommend him wholeheartedly. ”

* Dr. Greenberg is great and has helped me tremendously.
“Dr. Greenberg is great and has helped me tremendously. I went from crippling back pain to lifting weights in the gym and living a normal life in very short order. Highly recommend!”

* Dr. Greenberg truly saved me…
“It is always a pleasure at the Magaziner Center. The staff is always up beat, professional, and friendly. I would and do trust them with all my medical needs. Dr. Greenberg truly saved me, from a fate all others deemed impossible to avoid. ”

* Dr. Magaziner will help your body heal itself.
“I have been going to Dr. Magaziner for several years he is not only knowledgeable but truly caring. I would recommend him to anyone who has any health issues and doesn’t want to take drugs. He will help your body heal itself.”

* I would recommend them to everyone.
“Wonderful the treatments worked great and the doctor and staff are great, too. I would recommend them to everyone.”

* Dr. Greenberg is an excellent diagnostician…
“Dr. Greenberg is an excellent diagnostician, a good listener, compassionate and relates well with patients. The staff is efficient and pleasant.”

* Dr. Magaziner is excellent!
“As another health professional treating for super longevity, I can attest that Dr. Magaziner is excellent!”

* I love Dr. Magaziner’s insight and progressiveness.
“Always informative. Staff is friendly and helpful. I love Dr. Magaziner’s insight and progressiveness.”

* Job well done!!!!
“Very thorough evaluation and treatment. The Dr. and staff are knowledgeable, kind and compassionate to every patient’s needs. I would recommend this wellness center to everyone. Job well done!!!!”

* Excellent, world class care!
“Excellent, world class care! I love the staff and Dr. Greenberg is the gold standard for care!”

* I am now able to walk with no pain.
“I have been his patient for approx. over 10 yrs. I was referred to Dr. Greenberg for knee injury. I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I needed a knee replacement, after a meniscus surgery. I did not want to have it done, was hoping something else could be done. I was bone on bone, once treated with prolotherapy, and growth hormone, I am now able to walk with no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenberg. He is very compassionate and thorough.”

* procedures…have been beneficial to my health!
“I have been coming here for various reasons for the past 16 years and have always had a positive experience. I feel that the procedures I have had and the supplements I have taken have been beneficial to my health!”

* …highly recommending (t)his treatment to fellow athletes.
“Excellent doctor and staff as well. Dr. Greenberg is knowledgeable, experienced and seems to be at the peak of his medical career. I have already seen an improvement in my right arthritic knee and will continue w him for a few other physical joint issue. I am highly recommending his treatment to fellow athletes.”

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